Condo and HOA representation

Working with You to Build a Successful Community

Managing a condo or homeowners association can be extremely rewarding for both the management teams, and all the members. There are also, however, a variety of challenges that need to be addressed right away. If these types of issues are left unchecked, they will quickly spread and put the entire association in jeopardy. We have years of experience providing legal representation to condo and HOA boards, and we are here for you as well.

Collections Issues

One of the most common issues that condo and HOAs face is collecting the required fees. We can help with the collection process and ensure that you get the money that is needed to build a successful community. If someone refuses to pay their dues, we can also help you with determine what legal steps are available for enforcing the rules related to paying the required dues.

Litigation Issues

When conflicts escalate to a certain level, it may become necessary to bring them to the courts to have them settled. Litigation related to condos and HOAs can be particularly contentious because of the fact that they are dealing with people’s homes. We offer smart and firm representation to condos and HOAs to help get the results you need when you go to court.

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Whether you’re currently having issues with members, or you just want to be prepared, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Our attorneys have years of experience in this area, and we can provide you with the legal representation you need to build a happy and successful community.