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Family law issues can be extraordinarily complex, and are almost always very emotionally charged, which can make them nearly impossible to deal with on your own. Due to the fact that the results of these cases can have life altering effects, you need to have an attorney who will put your needs first. Our law firm provides of counsel legal services for all manner of family law situations, including the following:


Hiring a divorce attorney isn’t something that anybody looks forward to. Anytime Florida attorneys need to get involved in a divorce, it means that there is going to be some contention between the two parties involved, and that it could get very ugly. The best time to hire a divorce attorney is right away. Having an experienced, passionate attorney to represent you throughout your divorce is absolutely essential—whether you’re ready to file today, or you’re just weighing your options.

Child Custody Issues

In Florida, the courts try to take the best interests of the children involved in a child custody case into account when they reach a decision. What they determine to be the best interests of the child will greatly depend upon how well your attorney represents you. The courts look at many factors in child custody cases, and having legal representation that can present a strong and convincing argument on your behalf is absolutely essential.

Paternity Cases

Establishing who a child’s legal father is can make all the difference in the world when making certain that the child has the support that they need. Whether you’re a mother who wants to prove who the father is to get help, or you are the father looking to prove paternity so you can build a strong relationship with your child, we are here to help. We can work through all issues related to paternity cases and help you to get the results you and your child need.

Child Support

Too many parents suffer with having to raise a child on their own when the other parent should be helping. In fact, in Florida, it is a legal obligation for parents to support their children financially, at the very least. If the other parent of your children is refusing to support them financially, or you would just like to get a child support order in place to avoid trouble down the road, our team can help you throughout this process.

Name Changes

Whether you’re looking to get a name change due to a marriage, a divorce, or any other reason, it can be helpful to have an attorney working with you. Changing your name can be a surprisingly complex effort, with many unexpected regulations that need to be complied with. We have helped many people through this process in the past, and are prepared to help you too.

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