Sports Management

Let Us Be the Legal “Quarterback” for Team You!

Reyes Law Group has a comprehensive sports law practice that focuses and serves the South Florida, tri-county area athlete. We distinguish ourselves from most sports law practices in that our attorneys and our firm is shaped and guided by Godly principles of integrity, trust, and commitment. We represent amateur and professional athletes, coaches, managers, organizations, agents, and other professionals involved in the sports industry to assure the legal foundation to support their long-term needs are firmly in place.  Our legal services include:

  • Risk Management/Reduction: Analyzing and assessing the legal risks of all contracts entered into;
  • Contracts: Reviewing, negotiating, and drafting agreements between our clients and other parties, including agency or sponsorship agreements, marketing deals, trademark protection, etc;
  • Real Estate: We advise and represent our clients in the process of real estate negotiations, and purchase and sales for homestead and investment ownership, providing advice and counsel designed to maximize benefits;
  • Post-Career Planning & Preparation: We assist our clients explore and assess what post-career options they prefer and wish to put in place to allow for seamless transition from one career to the next; and  
  • Litigation: Representation of clients in all matters involving litigation in State and Federal courts, as a plaintiff or defendant, including but not limited to breach of contracts in a business, real estate, or sports related context.

Why Your Team Needs a Legal Quarterback

In the sports world, a high percentage of athletes find themselves bankrupt within a short period of time after retirement or after an injury ends their sports career. Trustworthy legal and financial advice are critical to the financial security and future of any professional athlete and other professionals in the sports industry. Professionals in the sports industry often have unique legal representation needs. When a professional athlete needs legal advice and counsel, the athlete typically looks for a lawyer who understands the particular issues involved.  

How Reyes Law Group Can Help

The attorneys of Reyes Law Group represent local athletes in a myriad of ways.  The initial focus is on on assisting athletes as they transition into the professional sports world.  In cases involving well established professional athletes, we provide legal counsel designed to help them navigate business opportunities, investments, and confront legal challenges with an eye toward assisting the athlete and their sports management team build, preserve, and maintain wealth throughout and after their sports career is over. In essence, the Reyes Law Group offers customized legal counsel for athletes transitioning to or currently playing on a professional team while always accounting for the future after their career is done.

As the “quarterback” for your legal team, Reyes Law Group reviews, counsels, and discusses current and long-term goals. In particular, we focus on critical aspects of the athlete’s personal and family affairs to assure all legal frameworks are in order, including banking arrangements, investment structures, business venture relationships, estate planning details, and real estate holdings. Our Sports Management attorneys draft and negotiate contracts, review legal agreements pertaining to endorsement deals, help review and maintain relationships with current business interests and providers, handle trials and alternative dispute resolution, and provide legal advice and counsel to athletes on the array of business and real estate opportunities they are routinely presented, while always considering whether such opportunities are in-line with their long-range plan for success after retirement. As part of that process, we integrate our legal services with other professionals—trusted affiliate attorneys, financial planners and tax professionals—so that we can provide our athlete clients with the most comprehensive legal representation and counseling possible. In the end, our mutual goal is to ensure that the necessary legal foundation is in place to protect the future and legacy of all our sports professional clients and their families.

Reyes Law Group understands the wide variety of legal and business challenges and risks facing professional athletes today. Our full-service counseling is designed to support their business and financial interests with legal advice and counseling focused on establishing and meeting their long-term plan for success. Planning and executing allows professional athletes to more easily transition from one career to the next once they retire from their sport.  

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