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5 Unique Challenges Athletes Face that Require Legal Counsel - Reyes Law Group

5 Unique Challenges Athletes Face that Require Legal Counsel

Professional athletes have jobs that most people could only dream of. While it is certainly a blessing to be able to make money playing a game you love, it can also come with many unique challenges. For many athletes, one of the most unexpected challenges is dealing with all the legal matters that come with playing at the professional level. Having legal counsel, you can trust is essential no matter what sport you’re playing. The following are some specific areas where having an attorney on your side is very important.

Signing Contracts with a Team

When signing a new contract with a team, you want to make sure that your interests are properly considered. A sports agent can help in many ways, but they simply don’t have the legal expertise to be able to write or review a potentially complicated contract. Having an attorney at your side will provide you with an added level of protection throughout the process.

Breaking a Contract with a Team

There are many times when a player’s contract is cut short due to a trade, retirement, or some other circumstance. When this occurs, an attorney can make sure that you are getting everything you are entitled to from your existing contract. Without a good sports attorney, you may lose out on some very significant benefits.

Endorsement Deals

Many athletes become celebrities, and are offered endorsement deals by major companies. For lots of people, the endorsement deals can actually be worth more than the money being made from playing the sport itself. Whether it is a major deal or something smaller, an attorney can help ensure you are legally protected throughout the process.

Exploitative Litigation

One of the downsides of being a professional athlete is that some people will see you as a target for a potential lawsuit. Having an attorney who can look at situations and provide advice on how to best handle them can be an invaluable resource. In some situations, for example, filing a counter-lawsuit against an accuser can be an effective deterrent and level of protection.

Post-Career Planning

Compared to most people, professional athletes typically have a very short career. While it is possible to make a lot of money, it is important to plan and invest that money so that you can live off of it for the rest of your life. An attorney can help to ensure you are making good decisions that will ensure you make the most out of your career so you’re prepared for your retirement.

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