See a Return on Your Investment

At the Reyes Law Group, we understand the difficult position that many Asset & Loan Portfolio Managers find themselves in. With your portfolio spread across the nation, having a handful of non-performing loans in any one state can severely drag your “ROI” down. No matter where you are located, the Reyes Law Group can help you address any non-performing real estate loans secured by Florida commercial property. Moreover, with our transactional  experience, we easily integrate and seamlessly move between the litigation and transaction side, and back again, which means you do not have to hire multiple lawyers and law firms to navigate your matter. We are here to help ensure the legal system serves you to secure your return on investment.

Since our practice focus is on serving Asset & Loan Portfolio Managers, you don’t have to spend your time explaining to us the nuances of a delinquency situation and its financial impact. We deal with it every day. Moreover, our state wide reach provides us with working familiarity on how counties across the State of Florida handle their legal proceedings. This approach enables us to navigate your commercial foreclosure case with knowledge, strategy, and tactics that afford us better results.

Here are a few of the legal services we offer and assist Asset Managers & Loan Portfolio Managers deploy to deal with non-performing Florida commercial property:

  • Commercial Foreclosure Litigation
  • Commercial Eviction
  • Loan Workouts
  • Real-Estate Owned (REO) Transactions, including both Workouts and Closings
  • And Much More!

The Reyes Law Group can deliver these legal services across the State of  Florida. Our experience working with Asset & Loan Portfolio Managers helps us understand your needs and focus, and therefore, you won’t be surprised we focus on motions to sequester rents early, and when warranted, pursue the appointment of receivers to manage large, non-performing properties during the pendency of the foreclosure action. To better ensure and protect your return on your investment, contact the Reyes Law Group today.