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Assisting Lenders in Foreclosure Actions - Reyes Law Group

Assisting Lenders in Foreclosure Actions

As a bank financial institution, private lender or asset management group – lending money to a borrower means taking a certain amount of risk. The desire, of course, is that everything will progress smoothly: the borrower will make timely payments and you will profit from the interest that accrues. Unfortunately, however, that is not always what happens. As the lender, you may have to pursue foreclosure actions if the borrower fails to make mortgage payments to you as per your agreement.

If you are required to move forward with this action, it is absolutely essential that you properly execute your foreclosure. Improperly executing a foreclosure can mean breaking laws you don’t even realize you’re breaking.

Why You Need to Partner with an Experienced Lawyer

Lenders should partner with an experienced real estate lawyer to ensure that they comply with state-, federal-, and industry-level regulations regarding foreclosures. If you do not comply with these regulations and proceed with a foreclosure anyway, your borrower may respond to your foreclosure lawsuit with a lawsuit of their own.

An experienced lawyer can help you with the following:

  • Deciding between judicial and non-judicial foreclosure
  • Utilizing Florida’s expedited foreclosure process
  • Ensuring that your promissory note allows you to be foreclosing on the home
  • Acquiring a lost note affidavit if the promissory note is missing
  • Avoiding circumstances that would make foreclosure impossible
  • Complying with the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act
  • Seeking deficiency judgments

Who Can Help Financial Institutions and Other Lenders in Foreclosure Actions?

Corporate and real estate law is a complex legal area so it is important to partner with the right legal team. At the Reyes Law Group, we have over 32 years experience providing immediate and long term legal representation for corporations and limited liability companies.

Our firm gives every case and client the attention and commitment it deserves. When it comes to serious legal matters such as these, your team really matters. Partner with us and we will advocate zealously for you every step of the way. Please contact us at (954) 369-1993 or info@reyeslegal.com to discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs.

Written by Reyes Law Group