Homeowners Be Aware – A New Foreclosure Law Took Effect

The new foreclosure law has the effect of invading, stripping, and dismantling your property rights! Why?  Because the new foreclosure law generally works to shift the burden of proof away from lenders, and, instead, requires homeowners and investors to prove their case. This is akin to an accused in a criminal case – who is considered “innocent until proven guilty” – now having to prove their innocence!  Read More

Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate Today is More Challenging than Ever! Buying Real Estate, be it a home or commercial property is generally the largest and most significant purchase you make. Real property can be complicated, raise special issues and problems not commonly understood, and if mistakes are made, can be unforgiving. With over 25 years of experience, the Reyes Law Group Real Estate Legal Team makes an important Read More

Reyes Law Group Continues to Strengthen its Real Estate Division

If you are a realtor or lender, buying or selling commercial or residential property, or investing… we offer experience and knowledge to ensure no legal issues will impede your Real Estate Transaction. The Reyes Law Group is pleased to introduce Denise Wood who has joined the firm as a Real Estate Paralegal. Denise has 20 years+ experience in real estate, handling title closings, as well as having been an Office Read More

Relief For Homeowners? Don’t Bet On It!

With great fanfare, a landmark mortgage settlement was triumphantly reported in the national and local press. It seemed that “relief for homeowners” was on the way. And while the details of the historic joint state-federal settlement are yet to be finalized, the roll-out of the program will take up to 3 years. So the good news is, … if you can wait and survive long enough, .. you may get help?! Under the terms of Read More