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Homeowners Going to Trial Can Win and Recover Attorney Fees

Going to Trial Always Remains a Viable Option Going to Trial always remains a viable option, especially when we know that 90% of all loans over the last 10-15 years were “securitized,” meaning transferred from bank-to-bank.  This one fact alone makes it clear that lenders need to do their homework if they’re going to go to Trial and prove their case!  The best evidence that this is not such a “walk in the Read More

Miami-Dade and Broward Counties Still Lead the Nation in Foreclosures

Sad but true, Miami-Dade and Broward counties still lead the nation in foreclosures. This, despite a 25% year-over-year drop in foreclosure activity during the first quarter of 2014.  According to RealtyTrac, statewide, Florida had the highest foreclosure rate in the first quarter.  One in every 129 homes in the state dealt with some form of foreclosure. Our practice areas have grown over the last 5 Read More

Realtors, the “Procuring Cause”, and … Fairness!

Realtors have been the back-bone of Florida’s real estate market for decades. Realtors invest time and effort in education, spend hours making cold calls looking for listings, and work days on-end tracking down sellers to sign listing agreements or find buyers to represent.  And, despite the internet age, realtors continue to add what seems to be an infinity of mileage to their cars as they show property after Read More

The Sell-Buy Dilemma

The “Sell-Buy Dilemma” is a real challenge. The Sell-Buy dilemma is akin to the “paralysis of analysis.”  And all you end up with is inaction, stress, and financial issues.  Friend and Realtor®  Alan Pellingra points it out this way: “The fact is, there are many homeowners who are desperate to move (in need of more space, a shorter commute to work, etc.). But year after year they stay in Read More

The Examining Committee in Guardianship Proceedings

An Examining Committee is appointed following strict guidelines. I received two excellent questions in response to my article “Understanding Guardianship”. 1. How does the court determine who will comprise the examining committee? I imagine it must consist of medical experts but will it also include other professionals such as social workers? In other words, is it up to the presiding judge’s discretion or is Read More

Understanding Guardianship

Guardianship will allow you to help those who can no longer help themselves Mental illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease, devastatingly impair an individual’s ability to take care of themselves, both physically and financially.  In most cases, these individuals have family members or friends who are willing take responsibility and make crucial decisions regarding their well-being.  However, these family Read More

Sitting on Your Rights is Not a Solution

We can help preserve your rights! On more than one occasion I’ve told folks the economic crisis is not over, the economy remains mediocre at best, and sitting on your rights is not a solution! The signs are all around us . . . The U.S. “middle class” has now been eclipsed by Canada’s “middle class” according to this article in the NY Times. According to RealtyTrac, 31% of homes in Florida were Read More

Serving the Law, Our Clients, and the Community

The importance of Community Involvement I have been fortunate to have played a role in many community groups and organizations over the years.  From Kids Voting, to the Latin and Fort Lauderdale Chambers of Commerce, to Broward Partnership for the Homeless. I also had the privilege of a Governor appointing me to the Board of Commissioners of the Memorial Healthcare System.  Each have given me the Read More

Landlords Beware

Landlords must tee-up the documents right the first time! With so many “first-time” landlords in the market, it is time for a practical reminder. Despite the obvious, when rental payments are delinquent, how you proceed to evict a tenant is critical!  Failure to proceed according to the statutory rules simply sets you up for more stress and financial pressure.  Under Florida law, there is no doubt that the Read More

A Real Estate Attorney With Real Life Experience

This Entrepreneurial Real Estate Attorney, .. Gets YOU! Real estate developers and investors, new and old, are generally on the lookout for an “experienced” real estate attorney to collaborate with and help them handle the legal issues related to their projects.  Yet, when I hear about someone looking for such an attorney, I know they’re generally talking about “experience.” This manifests itself in how a real Read More