Why Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help Me Purchase Real Estate?

Purchasing real estate, whether residential or commercial, is a huge investment. For many people, it is the largest purchase they will make in their lives. When it is time to start looking for the right piece of property, most people know that a good real estate agent is a great resource for finding good opportunities, handling some negotiations, and much more. What most people don’t realize, however, is that they Read More

What Florida Condo Developers Should Know About the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

Condo developers have a lot on their plate. They need to deal with construction renovation, maintenance, growth, employees, and much more. One of the most important, and often most difficult, aspects of the job is making sure they are in compliance with all legislation that impacts their industry. One often overlooked law is the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA). This act was first passed back in Read More

4 Key Contracts Every Business Should Utilize

Running a business means more than just understanding how to make a product or provide a service to customers. You also need to make sure you are making the right legal decisions to protect your business and help ensure it will have a long and profitable future. In many cases, this means using legal contracts to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding their rights and responsibilities in a given situation. Read More

The Importance of Legal Counsel for Sports Professionals

Entering the world of professional athletics can be overwhelming at first. Many people go from either college play where payment is prohibited, to a professional salary making hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars per year. While most athletes know that it is important to have a sports agent there to help them get on the right teams and resolve many issues, they often overlook the need to have legal Read More

A Florida Landlord’s Guide to a Lawful Eviction

If you act as a landlord for long enough, it is inevitable that you will eventually have to evict a tenant. However, whether it is for nonpayment or a violation of their contract, it might not be as easy as you would expect. Florida laws (Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes specifically) are written to ensure tenants are protected and won’t be evicted unjustly. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential that Read More

Business Law 101: The Importance of Non-compete Agreements

When hiring someone to a position where they will be given sensitive information, or provided with costly training, it is important to protect your business. If that person were to leave and either start their own competing company or begin working for a competitor, it could cause significant problems for your business. While it is not possible to prevent people from leaving a job, a non-compete agreement can help Read More

A Brief Overview of the Commercial Real Estate Closing Process

When purchasing a piece of commercial real estate, it can be very helpful to understand each of the steps that need to take place during the closing process. While a lot of it is similar to closing on a residential real estate deal, there are some unique things to be aware of so that you’re prepared. Holding Your Escrow Company When closing on a commercial real estate deal it is typically necessary to have a Read More

6 Ways to Protect Company Trade Secrets

In the past, most of the value of a company was based on the physical assets that it held. Today, however, many companies derive their value from intellectual property, trade secrets, business strategies, and other items that are not physical in nature. If an employee or other party takes these types of non-physical assets and uses them for themselves or another company, it can cause significant issues. This is why Read More

Landlords and HOAs: How to Collect Required Fees If a Tenant Refuses to Pay

Owning rental property, or running a home owner’s association, is a great way to make a living, or even just bring in some extra cash each month. Most landlords and heads of HOAs find that people are typically willing to pay the fees that were agreed upon each month, but eventually, a tenant or HOA member will pay late, or refuse to pay at all. Understanding the options you have available, and how to collect the Read More

5 Key Issues that Could Turn Up in a Title Search

One of the most important, and unfortunately, often times overlooked steps in any real estate transaction is the title search. If a thorough title search is not performed, it is possible that weeks, months, or even years after the closing, a significant issue will be discovered. If this occurs, it can cause major legal problems for you, and could even cause you to lose the property. While most title searches find Read More