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Commercial Leases - Reyes Law Group

Commercial Leases

Experienced Attorneys Helping You Negotiate Lease Terms 

Did you know that 75% of the business community exists as tenants? That means a lot of business owners have to sign a lease to do business at a specific location. Negotiating a commercial lease requires the review of an experienced attorney, and the Reyes Law Group has the experience to help do just that. We have the experience with the following:

Negotiating the details of the lease, which include but are not limited to:

  • tenant improvement credits
  • rental credits
  • maintenance services
  • buildout credits
  • personal guarantees
  • repairs
  • assignment upon the sale of the business
  • the value of the longer vs. shorter terms

The Reyes Law Group can also draft the lease in a way that provides you with the protection you need based on the 30-plus years of experience we have at the firm. Additionally, we will review and analyze all aspects of the lease to negotiate better terms for you.

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