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Running a business, association board activities, or facing personal legal challenges can be overwhelming, in fact, even debilitating if not equipped with information, know-how and support. In fact, success in any context requires knowledge, commitment and passion in order to overcome or be successful. When business owners run into legal issues, it can quickly become overwhelming and directly impact the day to day operation of the company. When associations become mired in fiduciary challenges to their duties, it can become costly. And when individuals face unexpected legal concerns, it can become a nightmare!

With this in mind, we publish a monthly newsletter that covers a variety of legal topics important to business owners, associations and individuals. It is designed to help you identify and understand the legal issues you face so when looking for the expertise to help you pursue your claim, represent you on an ongoing basis, or navigate that legal challenge, you’ll know that the Reyes Law Group should be YOUR LAW FIRM! This newsletter is 100% free and comes with absolutely no obligation. In the newsletter you will read about important topics such as:

  • How to Appropriately Conduct Business and Real Estate Buy-Sell Transactions
  • Corporate Counsel advice on key issues like trade secrets and noncompetes
  • Real Estate Legal Guidance on commercial leasing, due diligence and more
  • Litigation Resources and Information to bring or defend claims
  • Tips & Advice for Condo and HOA Board Representation
  • Athletes using their success to seamlessly transition to next chapter of their lives
  • Family Law as it Relates to Business and Real Estate matters
  • And Much More!

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