The Florida Commercial Boutique Closer

At the Reyes Law Group, we offer a large variety of legal services with the same care and attention paid to each. In our first ten years alone, we have closed over one hundred million dollars worth of Commercial Real Estate transactions – experience which we bring to your case, or transactions, regardless of which we are handling. We offer our services throughout Florida, and as such,  we intimately understand the logistics of how each county handles things differently. No matter if you need help with a Residential Real Estate Closing in South Florida, a Loan Workout in Central Florida, or a commercial foreclosure case anywhere in Florida, we have the experience to get the job done well.

In all the legal services we offer, the Reyes Law Group brings a wealth of experience to the table. In traditional Commercial Litigation, we have also frequently dealt with non-compete agreements, trade secrets, and partition actions. In Real Estate Closings, we know what warning signs to spot while doing our due diligence in order to prevent major issues. In Foreclosure Litigation, we know what the defense is looking for – since our founder Carlos Reyes worked on the other side of the aisle for years and well knows that side of the equation.

Here are some of the legal services that the Reyes Law Group can assist clients to handle:

  • Commercial Foreclosure Litigation
  • Commercial Evictions
  • Loan Workouts
  • Real-Estate Owned (REO) Transactions, including both Workouts and Closings
  • Commercial Real Estate purchase and sale Closings
  • Traditional Residential Real Estate purchase and sale Closings
  • Succession Planning for Businesses
  • Asset protection investment strategies

When you work with the Reyes Law Group, you are getting Big Law experience in a Boutique setting. We put the same level of effort and expertise into every single one of our cases, since they are as important to us as they are to you. To discuss your situation further, please contact the Reyes Law Group today. We have been helping businesses and individuals meet their legal challenges for over thirty years.