Protecting Your Personal Investment with a Personal Touch

At the Reyes Law Group, we know that Private Lenders and Investors many times, have a very personal engagement with their portfolio. They are individuals and private companies concerned about their families, their future, and the security of their investment loans. They know the collateral property in question personally and they care about how litigation is approached to provide borrowers with flexibility to perform. This is why the Reyes Law Group believes in approaching all of these cases with a very personal touch.

For Florida commercial properties that are managed individually and not institutionally, we believe in helping on an immediate and personal level to help protect your personal finances. Since we work with Private Lenders and Investors often, we know how their cases differ from the standard and we can help you quickly and efficiently reach the outcome you need. Our state wide approach allows us to handle all Florida property, no matter where the investment property is located, doing so with attention to individual needs.

Here are a few of the legal services that we offer and assist Private Lenders and Investors to deploy when dealing with non-performing, Florida commercial property:

  • Commercial Foreclosure Litigation
  • Commercial Eviction
  • Loan Workouts
  • Real-Estate Owned (REO) Transactions, including both Workouts and Closings

Carlos Reyes, founder of the Reyes Law Group, is a Private Lender himself. He understands the harsh dichotomy of handling private loans and then seeing borrower defaults that place your investment at risk. With his personal experience, he has centered his firm around helping Private Lenders and Investors secure their personal finances. If you are looking for a lawyer who gets it, contact the Reyes Law Group today.