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The 5 Corporate Documents You Should Know About - Reyes Law Group

The 5 Corporate Documents You Should Know About

When running a corporation, you are legally obligated to keep track of many things and have official documents to verify much of what is done. This applies whether you’re running a multi-billion dollar organization or a small business. Regardless of the size or type of corporation you are running, it is a good idea to be aware of some key types of documents that will likely be needed.

Certificate of Incorporation

When the Secretary of State has declared a business to be a legal body, they will issue a Certificate of Incorporation. This certificate is signed and dated as proof of the legal status of the corporation. This proof can, when necessary, be used in legal proceedings to prevent competitors from using the business name, and in many other legal situations.

 Articles of Incorporation

When looking to incorporate, a business must first file the Articles of Incorporation. This document can serve as proof that the business was legally created. This document needs to be filed with the Secretary of State’s office. It will also need to be notarized and signed by each of the incorporators in order to be a valid legal document. This document is also necessary for the capitalization of stock.

Bylaws & Amendments

When the Articles of Incorporation are filed, it will typically include a set of bylaws. It is also possible to amend these bylaws over time. The documents used in these processes are essential for outlining how the business is to be run.

Share Certificates

When raising capital for the business, it is often necessary to issue shares to the investors. Even when there are just a set of owners, the share certificates are useful for documenting who owns what portion of the business. Each stock certificate is a legal corporate document.

 Financial Records

Many people don’t realize this, but all financial documents are important corporate documentation. This can range from simple bank statements to profit & loss statements, and much more. Keeping these types of documents safe and available is important in many situations.

 Legal Help for Corporate Documents

No matter what type of document a corporation is working with, it is important to ensure it is written and filed correctly. Having corporate legal counsel available to help is an invaluable resource for most businesses. Contact Reyes Law Group to discover the advantages of having an attorney working by your side.

Written by Reyes Law Group