The 6 Characteristics the Best Corporate Counsel for Your Business Will Have

Whether you own a small startup, or you represent a major corporation, having corporate counsel for a business offers many important advantages. As with any position, however, it is important to choose the right individual or firm for the job. Those who function as corporate counsel should have some very specific characteristics in order to be able to do their jobs effectively on behalf of the business(es) they represent.

Effective Communicator

Not surprisingly, effective communication is essential for a general counsel. Not only do they need to be able to keep a business informed of what they are doing, and why, but they also need to be able to explain potentially complex legal concepts in terms that are easier to understand. A general counsel will also need to be able to work with people from multiple different departments about a variety of different issues.

Exceptional Risk Analysis

Analyzing the legal impact different activities will have on a business is often very detailed work. An attorney will need to be aware of lots of legal information, and know how to analyze it to see how it would apply in a given situation. Being able to analyze risk for the company so that future lawsuits and other issues can be avoided is a key skill for any good general counsel.

Offers Honest Insights

One of a general counsel’s most important roles is offering honest insights about any situation. Some attorneys don’t like giving their clients news that they don’t want to hear. Being able to deliver unpleasant insights when necessary, however, is something that will be required of a good general counsel.

Putting the Law First

Related to being honest is a dedication to putting the law first. One of the more difficult, but still very important, things a general counsel will have to do is tell a business when what they want to do will cause them future legal issues. While it can be difficult to be the bearer of bad news like this, the company will benefit significantly by avoiding future issues. Looking objectively at each situation to determine how it will legally impact the business is absolutely essential.


Reyes Law Group has been hired on as corporate counsel for many businesses in a variety of industries over the years and is passionate about helping those he represents. If you are considering bringing someone on to help with legal issues, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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