Big Law Experience in a Boutique Setting

When your team retains the Reyes Law Group, you can expect Big Law experience in a boutique setting. Attorney Carlos Reyes started off working in firms with over a thousand in-house lawyers, which means that he sees the larger picture and has the experience to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. At the same time, the Reyes Law Group is a boutique Florida law firm, which means we bring individualized attention to evaluating and handling your case. You can expect a law firm with a keen eye to detail and understanding the sense of urgency.

For Asset Managers and Loan Portfolio Managers, we take a common-sense business approach to handling non-performing Florida commercial property loans. Carlos’ experience allows for a fast-tracked understanding of the delinquency and its financial impact on the portfolio. We have the know-how on how to initiate the initial legal proceeding and how it relates to the financial loss sustained by the asset manager. This prompts actions designed to stop the financial hemorrhaging, like filing motions to sequester rents early on during the pendency of the foreclosure action. If the account is large enough, this may mean asking the court to appoint a receiver to take control of the accounting while the foreclosure action is proceeding. You can expect a law firm that knows how to speak your language, know what questions to ask, and offer you solutions.

For Private Lenders and Investors, we understand the impact to you personally, and so, we tailor our approach with individual care and focus designed to address your non-performing loan. Carlos comes to each case with creative problem solving efforts, looking for innovative ways to help relieve the lender of the burden. Our statewide reach and experience allows us to compare the different mechanics of every location in Florida, which helps us to navigate your case with deeper ease. You can expect a law firm that will look at your matter in it’s full scope to find the best solution possible.

For those interested in our other services, ranging from commercial real estate closings to commercial litigation, expect an evaluation that’s consistent with good business and legal practices. Carlos comes from the world of Big Law, which means that he is used to working with businesses and meeting challenges head-on. He has over thirty years of experience working with real estate and business matters, and the related issues that business people grapple with, like non-compete disputes, trade secrets issues, partition actions, reviewing contracts, and spotting due diligence issues. You can expect a lawyer who has already worked with or heard of practically every situation that comes up in a business setting, and knows exactly how to assist a client to navigate the challenge. .

No matter what service you need help with, you can expect to work with a lawyer who is well-versed in their practice area and can offer practical advice to help you  reach a resolution sooner rather than later. To get started on reviewing your legal issue, contact the Reyes Law Group today. We know how important these issues are to you, and we will treat them like our own.